Dane Storrusten has been experimenting with new approaches to the artistic process for years. By combining traditional drawing and painting skills with graphic design, interactive experiences, found objects, textured surfaces and light, his style focuses on using a variety of mediums and applications to express subjects in a highly energetic manner that engages viewers and hopefully alters their perception of how ‘art’ works. Storrusten’s goal is to reinvent what it means to be contemporary, assimilating art into mainstream culture, incorporating familiar subject matter, and bringing it alive in a multi-sensory experience – much less something we simply stare at on a wall in a gallery.

Aside from his ever-changing use of materials, the most interesting aspect of Storrusten’s work is his unique and confident drawing prowess; the way he creates perspective, flow of motion, and energy through the use of distortion, exaggeration and visual tension. His subjects of interest range from recognizable personas to automobiles to inanimate objects as simple-yet-unique as an old shoe. However, Storrusten’s subjects of choice typically include famous characters with unique personality and showmanship—such as the famous rock personas ZZ Top and KISS as well as the likes of voluptuous movie stars like Angelina Jolie and Famke Janssen.

Dane’s talent, expertise and distinctive methods of evolving the human experience have earned him notoriety in the fields of art, design and emerging technology. In his early years just out of school, Storrusten’s editorial illustrations donned the cover of several local Seattle publications, including The Seattle Weekly and The Stranger. He was often commissioned to create personal portraits for private collectors; Storrusten’s exaggerated portrait of rock legend (and personal idol) Gene Simmons once graced the front page of Mr. Simmons’ official website. In 2001, Storrusten expanded his horizons to digital media—helping pioneer a fresh approach to preparing National Guard soldiers for the Iraq war via engaging multimedia presentations and interactive field training simulations. After that, Storrusten received yet another challenging opportunity to apply his artistic abilities to product design as a key designer on one of Microsoft’s premiere, consumer product incubation teams—creating gorgeous next gen software interfaces and bringing make-believe technological advances that we’ve seen in movies like The Minority Report to real life. Storrusten received ten design and utility patents for his work on the worlds first multi-touch, multi-user device, Microsoft Surface, which has been featured in films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Island (technology only) and network TV shows such as CSI: NY and NBC Extra. Most recently, his art direction and motion graphics work was honored with a Best Opening Credit Sequence award at the Seattle Independent Film Festival.

Today, Dane Storrusten runs his own successful boutique art and design studio, MediaKatalyst, working with hand-selected, unique clients from all over the world from talented, creative entrepreneurs to heavy hitters like Microsoft. His latest pet project is an art show concept titled “Alive,” a multi-sensory experience revolving around large format portraits of famous musicians, depicted through mixed media, materials and blended technology.