“I consider myself a contemporary portrait artist. However, I define ‘portrait’ as an intimate depiction of any object or situation that expresses a unique personality, character, and energy. I strive to expose the most impactful essence of a single subject, so that it commands attention and focus. I also use dynamic perspective, flow of motion, distortion, and exaggeration to create as much visual tension as possible. Even when a subject is setting still, there’s tension, due to all the forces around it—weight, gravity, wind, magnetism, momentum, etc. I have unique, confident drawing/painting style, which is the basis of all my work. Although it is based on various traditional mediums such as painting, drawing, and collage, I have lately began to merge those with other selective elements such as high-end commercial materials, layering, embedded lighting, technology, and even found objects to add another dimension to my work—to create a more engaging two-way conversation with the viewer. The result intends to be a much more dynamic experience both literally and figuratively.”

-Dane Storrusten